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Diet To Prevent Hair Loss – Part Two

Last month we began a discussion about how proper diet and supplements can slow or even reverse hair loss. Here is a continuation of nutrient-rich foods that have been shown to help keep hair healthy.

9 Oysters. There is a saying that oysters are for lovers because people who love oysters love life. We don’t know if this is true or not. What we do know, is that oysters are loaded with zinc, which is an important mineral for overall health. When you don’t have enough zinc you can experience hair loss – even in your eyelashes.

10. Liver. Most notably in women, an iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. Liver, as well as other organ meats, is a great source of iron. When you think liver, think pate. As they say, pate could help to cover your pate.

11. Lean poultry. Without enough protein less new hair will replace what’s falling out. The result will be a net hair loss. Get your protein from chicken, fish grass-fed beef and lean pork.

12. Barley. This is an excellent source of vitamin E. Vitamin E repairs sun damage on the scalp, which can cause hair to thin.

13. Nuts and seeds. The oils from nuts can add to the amount of elastin in your hair. Elastin keeps your hair supple and prevents it from breaking.

14. Bok Choy. Bok Choy is a good source for ferritin which is the name given to the iron that is stored in our bodies. And, as we’ve mentioned before, iron is an important mineral for hair.

15. Sweet Potatoes. These are a good source for beta carotene which stimulates the glands in your scalp to make sebum, an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that helps prevent hair and skin from drying out.

16. Halibut. This is a good source for magnesium, an important mineral which can aid in keeping your hair on your head and not in the bathroom sink.

17. Shiitake Mushrooms. These mushrooms are very rich in copper. It has been shown in a recent study that copper can prevent premature graying. It seems to be the main key to reversing graying hair.

We have loved putting this list together for you. To maintain healthy hair, just pick your food from these delicious selections. In the meantime, when you see signs of hairloss, please call one of the experts at Hairline Clinic: 1-800-322-1237.

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