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There are many different methods of women’s hair restoration that fall under the general heading “hair augmentation”. Some of these methods rival wigs, for the most part. Other are far different.

By definition, hair augmentation refers to the process of adding to a women’s existing hair, rather than covering it up as a wig would. If this is done in such a manner that is results in the hair becoming “permanently” part of the scalp, it offers women a plethora of advantages over other solutions.

The idea of augmentation was largely derived from yesterday’s “hair weaves”. The internet was not to cover the entire scalp, but only to add hair where needed. However, weaves had so many disadvantages that other methods were created to overcome them: thus, the beginnings of modern day hair augmentation. However, just like wigs and weaves, there are many different types of hair augmentation, some much better than others.

The idea of augmentation was largely derived from yesterday’s “hair weaves”. The internet was not to cover the entire scalp, but only to add hair where needed.

Encore System

What exactly is encore hair augmentation? A method of adding hair to thinning areas and replacing hair in areas where there may be no hair at all.

This is truly a great advancement in women’s hair augmentation. Because the amount of hair that is supplemented can com in what ever proportion it takes to cosmetically solve your hair loss problem.

This allows for an optimum level of flexibility. Which is exactly what is needed when confronting women’s hair loss. Because though women’s pattern baldness may sometimes have the same causes as male pattern baldness, therein the similarities end.


Standard machine-made wigs offer a number of advantages. They provide full coverage of the thinning areas, for one. And unlike many so-called women’s hair loss solutions, they’re guaranteed to work.

For some women, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. For other women, wigs are not a viable solution. It depends on lifestyle, your expectations, and the trade-offs you’re willing to accept. In other words, whether or not to wear a wig is an intensely personal decision.

But machine-made wigs are not for everyone. The less expensive ones that use synthetic hair can be less than natural looking. Machine made wigs can also be hot and cumbersome. For women with an active lifestyle – especially women who exercise and engage in other physical activities – wigs can be limiting: you certainly can’t swim in them, and sunning or being intimate can be compromised by a wig’s limitations. And of course, they are not part of you; at night, they generally come off.

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