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Thanks to heavy advertising and the media, it seems that many people only know about surgical 

hair replacement. While it is a suitable, viable solution for a lot of people, it isn’t for everyone, and this misinformation that “surgery” or baldness are the only choices lead many to decide to just let their hair go, even though there are fantastic nonsurgical solutions. 

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is done by a certified, trained professional. Generally, a client who selects this option will receive a consultation with their newly assigned Image Consultant.  This person is a trained professional in the art of hair restoration and will advise you on your new look.  It is important that you convey your desires to your pro and that he or she understands fully what you are trying to accomplish.  This is made easy by the pro asking a series of simple questions that will put you both on the same page.  The new look will be  designed to look and feel like natural hair and skin.  In the end your new look will be perfect for you and you will be able to achieve a normal lifestyle.  That means you will shampoo and condition your hair and comb or style it just like the old days, and that is it.

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A nonsurgical solution can be perfect for almost anyone experiencing hair loss.   It may be the only alternative for some people such as someone that has extensive long term hair loss and doesn’t have enough donor hair to achieve a meaningful density, or someone that wants more density than can be obtained with a hair transplant, or if someone just doesn’t want surgery.  Since surgery takes up to a year to fully grow in if you need a new look in a hurry non-surgical is a great option.  Most times we can achieve your new look in just a few days or weeks so if you have an event such as a wedding, or reunion we can act fast for you.  As the president of Hairline Clinic I have enjoyed non-surgical hair replacement since 1985 and I would not discourage anyone from trying it.  The only way to find out what is right for you is to come in a visit me so give us a call and we will arrange a meeting.

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