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What To Expect

Day of Your Procedure

Pre-Operative Instructions:

  1. Avoid the use of Aspirin, Vitamin E, energy and sports drinks and Alcohol for one week prior to surgery

  2. Avoid coloring your hair for one week prior to surgery.

  3. Allow your hair to grow a little longer than usual so that the hair in the back will hide the suture line of the donor site.

  4. Wash your hair normally the night before or the morning of surgery.

  5. Make sure you eat something relatively light before surgery.

  6. We will be sedating you before the procedure begins so you will need a driver to take you home. If you can’t arrange a ride this step can be skipped. Keep in mind that the sedation is to help you relax when we give you the local anesthetic and to help you sit comfortably during the operation. You will be numbed with a local either way and will feel no pain during your surgery.

  7. We will call your prescriptions to your pharmacy a few days prior to surgery. Please call us with your DATE OF BIRTH and your PHARMACY NUMBER. Bring your>
  8. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your surgery, feel free to call us at any time.

  9. Keep in mind that it takes from 8-12 months to see the result of this procedure. ***Ask us about laser light therapy to speed up results***

  10. Please wear a shirt that buttons up the front to avoid having to pull anything over your head after surgery.

  11. Do not work out for several days before surgery and especially the day of your surgery.

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The Procedure

  1. One of our surgical techs will prepare you for the procedure. Most patients are given 3 medications at the beginning of the procedure: a sedative to help you relax, an antibiotic to combat any infection, and a medication to help keep any swelling to a minimum.

  2. Next we will prepare the donor site by clipping your hair, shaving the area, and finally measuring it. (The amount of donor tissue is determined by the amounts of grafts that we are doing.)

  3. After the donor site is prepared, you will be given your initial anesthetic. We use two local anesthetics – Lidocain and Marcaine, which are similar to what a dentist uses. These local anesthetics are administered using a dental syringe. There is usually a burning sensation caused by the anesthetic. This is very short-lived and is followed by a numbing sensation.

  4. After allowing the anesthetic to take effect, the doctor will come in, remove the donor tissue and suture the donor site.

  5. When the donor tissue has been removed, it is given to surgical techs to be dissected. There is a period while the techs dissect grafts; During this time, you may have a snack, watch a movie, take a nap, Stretch your legs, etc.

  6. When a majority of the grafts have been prepared, we will begin to anesthetize the area where the grafts are going to be placed. Additional anesthetic that was used for the donor area is used for the grafted area. Although a burning sensation is felt in the grafted area, it is usually less irritating than in the donor area because the anesthetic in the donor area causes the receptor area to be slightly numb.

  7. When the top of the head is completely numb, the doctor will begin to make the receptor sites for the grafts. Because the receptor sites are very tiny and can be very hard to see, the doctor will usually make anywhere from 50-100 extra sites to ensure that we will be able to place all of the grafts. (Grafts are never wasted.)

  8. When the doctor has made all of the sites, and a final graft count has been determined, the techs begin to place the grafts into the receptor sites. This part of the procedure can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number of grafts to be placed and the amount of existing hair that we have to work around.

Your Post-Operative Instructions

  1. Do not use aspirin, pain medicine will be prescribed. You may use Advil, Tylenol, or Motrin instead of the prescribed pain reliever. If you are not getting the result from the prescription pain medicine that you want please call us immediately so we can advise you.

  2. Sleep with your head elevated on 3 pillows or in a recliner for the first three days following surgery, to minimize swelling (protect your pillow or recliner against drainage with a plastic bag and a towel).

  3. Apply an ice pack to the grafted area as much as possible during the first 24 hrs. We recommend that you use Ziploc bags filled with ice and water because they are made of silicone, and they won’t stick to your hair. Apply Ice to the donor area often during the first 24 hours. It is recommended that you ice the area for 15 min. on then 15 min off. This helps prevent swelling and control pain.

  4. You may rinse your hair the night following surgery, but do not allow running water to directly hit the grafts. Use a paper cup and gently pour water over the grafted area. Gently pat the grafted area dry with paper towels, or use a hair dryer on a cool setting.

  5. You may shampoo your hair on the 2nd day after surgery. Use the shampoo that you normally use, and pat the shampoo on the grafts, rinsing off with the paper cup as before. You may resume normal washing on the 4th day following the procedure.

  6. Your scalp may itch due to healing. Do not use your fingernails on your scalp at all, as this may cause an infection. If you have to itch, rub your scalp gently.

  7. It is normal for the transplanted hairs to fall out when the crusts fall off. It will take approximately 7-12 months to see the full effect of the procedure. Laser light therapy will speed healing and results.

  8. If you have any questions, we are available 24 hours a day.

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