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Why is losing my hair bothering me so much?

Good question. Most people don’t want to think of themselves as vain, and you could have much

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worse things than losing your hair to worry about, so why does it bother some people so much. These are just some of my thoughts on this. First hair, and particularly luxurious hair is associated with youth and virility. When we are young the concept of getting older doesn’t seem to exist. But usually around 30 it dawns on us that ageing is a real possibility. Second: Fashion. Hair is fashionable and it is fun to wear your hair in different ways. There is nothing that can change the look of a person more than changing your hair. So when you lose some or all of it, it can eliminate your ability to change your overall look. Let’s face it nothing has the dramatic effect on your appearance more than hair. So these are some of the reasons we love it so much. People love running their finger through it, and I see women that touch and mess with their hair all day, so losing it is losing a part of yourself, and it bothers almost everyone it happens to. It is the way we each cope with the loss that determines how much it continues to bother us, but we all would rather it not happen, at least not to us. So, some people just don’t fuss with their hair much and it’s not a big deal whether they have it or not but for others we just miss it too much. Anyway that is why I think some people are bothered so much by losing their hair. They look older and if it happens at a time when you are tipping past the days of youth it can be a real eye opener. Then if you are a trend setter or follower it isolates you from the fashionista group you have been part of for so long. And you may just miss it too much

What is it like to go into Hairline Clinic for a consultation?
When you arrive in Akron will use a private entrance for consultations or in Independence you will see the receptionist and she will immediately direct you to the private consultation room. You will be ask to fill out a short form with Name, Address, Phone etc. Rob will then come in and say hello and review the information you have given us. At that point we have a conversation as to what your personal goals are and why it is important for you to have hair again. It is at this time that I start to get an Idea of what we are aiming for in your particular case. I will then recommend the therapys that we offer that will work best for you. You will be given a bunch of information so feel free to bring a pad and pen (or ask us for one) or a friend or trusted advisor with you so you won’t forget anything. We will then discuss pricing for our recommendations. You will then be given the opportunity to go home and think about our conversation or do more research into what we have suggested. I will follow up with a phone call a few days later to see if you have any questions. That’s it. We will make you feel safe, comfortable and at home.

If I decide to take action how long does it take to get started?
It depends on what you and we decide to do. If it is Laser treatment or non-surgical hair replacement we can get started right away. If it is surgery it will take at least one week or more depending on the availability of the surgeon and his staff, and you have some pre-op instructions to follow for a week before your procedure. In any case we can move forward as fast or slow as you like. 

If I decide to replace my hair non-surgically how long before I have my new look?
We know that our clients are anxious to get their new look as fast as they can once they have made the decision to go forward. We will do our best to deliver your new look as quickly as possible In many cases we can effect your new look in as little as one week. However some cases may take up to 8 weeks to deliver. We don’t want to rush perfection or sacrifice quality for speed. We will be able to tell you a date when the order is placed.

If I chose a therapy that will change my look dramatically overnight how do I explain it to my family and friends?
That is the great thing about changing your look for the better. Your family and friends will be thrilled for you. Funny people who see you often but not all the time (the teller at the bank, the guy/girl at the gas station, your doctor) may not even notice for a while. They know something is better but not sure what it is. They may remark “did you color your hair, or “have you lost weight? They know you look better but they are not sure why because our hair is so natural that they will rule it out as a possibility. As for your family and friend I would suggest you tell them before you make the change so you don’t catch them by surprise. Here is what I suggest you tell them Say “ I went to a hair replacement specialist and I am going to make a change in my appearance in the near future and I would like your honest opinion when you see me. This way you have accomplished several things, first you have taken away the element of surprise. They are now anticipating your new look just like you are. Second you have told them its “OK” to say something when they see you so they don’t have to make a spur of the moment decision as to what to do. Best of all you will be heartened by how supportive they can be and how happy for you they will be. And you can be sure if we don’t perform as we said we would they will tell you.

What will I look like after a transplant procedure and how long does it take before I see the result.
While this is a very safe outpatient surgery the fact is it is still surgery. If you have little or no hair in the area that has been transplanted you will be able to see what we have done for about a week or 10 days. If you have left the hair on the back of your head grow to at least ½ inch long or if we have done a FUE procedure you will not be able to see where we took the hair after you wash your hair the next morning. However in the area we place the hair a small tiny scab will form on each graft and will be there for 7 to 10 days. They will start coming off at around 6 days and should all be gone at 10 or 11 days. After that it virtually looks like we have done nothing. Over the next few months the hair will just gradually grow in and you will see most of the result at the 6 month mark. However it will continue to improve for up to about 10 months. At that time you will be able to see the final result.

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