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AMP Hair Expanders

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In conjunction with University Labs in Louisiana, Hairline Clinic has developed a new product that is completely unique and only available at Hairline Clinic. The product, AMP +, is an organic-based hair expander.  Unlike traditional hair thickeners, which coat the hair and create cosmetic weight, AMP + is a new formula that fills the voids in each hair shaft with microscopic fibers that attach to the keratin filaments in the hair shaft.  AMP + then reacts with the heat of a hairdryer expanding and swelling the hair shaft 30 to 50% thicker.

Each AMP + treatment will last 4 to 6 weeks and protects colored hair from fading and damage. Trained stylists at Hairline Clinic locations in Cleveland and Akron will apply the treatment which takes one hour.  Customers will see immediate results. 

“I was totally amazed after I received my first AMP + hair treatment. My hair looked and felt thicker and fuller.  Each day, after combing and brushing, my hairstyle stayed in and my hair looked nice and full.  I love this product, and I can’t say enough about it!”

- Patricia C. of Tallmadge

AMP + is available now at both Hairline Clinic locations for the introductory price of $69.  Hairline Clinic is so confident in AMP + they are offering a 14 day money back guarantee.

Call today for a free consultation and find out how AMP Hair Expanders can help you. They work with a wide variety of hair styles and colors.

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