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Minoxidil Maximum Strength 5% is an FDA-approved hair regrowth solution for use by men only. The

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ingredient propylene glycol ensures that the applied Minoxidil is evenly spread across the affected area and easily absorbed through the skin. Minoxidil 5% is FDA approved and clinically proven to regrow hair.

Minoxidil Regular Strength 2% is an FDA-approved hair regrowth solution for men and women. The native ingredient, propylene glycol, ensures that the applied Minoxidil is evenly spread across the affected area and easily absorbed through the skin. Minoxidil 2% is FDA approved and clinically proven to regrow hair.


Healthy hair follicles become unhealthy when they don’t receive the proper nourishment. AnaGize’s exclusive combination of selected nutrients and minoxidil are designed to facilitate the normal function of hair follicles by increasing cell metabolism, correcting unhealthy scalp conditions, and removing topical DHT that builds up and clogs pores that, in turn, smother the hair follicle; these actions help to strengthen each individual follicle. Each product in AnaGize’s healthy hair and scalp regimen has been synergistically developed to deliver maximum results toward normalizing, and ultimately creating a healthy and abundant growth environment. The net effect is that the reduction of hair loss and the promotion of stronger, fuller, and healthier looking hair starts with AnaGize, today’s new science for fine, thin or thinning hair.

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